what’s the fifth down?

Hi. My name is Grant Mattos.

I’m a former NFL wide receiver, Survivor: Redemption Island contestant, yoga instructor, proud husband and father of one.

If you want to understand what motivates someone to consistently sacrifice the health of their brain and body, to successfully reclaim their life by pulling out of depressed and anxious states, I openly share such raw experiences with you in this book. My journey, thus far, has taken me to some interesting extremes that I’ve only recently come to appreciate and understand.

The Fifth Down is for anyone who has grasped for certainty and stability through career, only to come up empty handed after decades of hard work. It’s for those who have felt the sting of alcoholism, drug abuse, and broken homes. It’s for those who have, or wish still, to pick themselves up while at their lowest. It’s for those who have found happiness by having the courage to love themselves again.

This memoir has been written. It needs to be professionally edited and designed. I have a great team of editors and a designer waiting in the wings for this project to reach it’s goal. It will ship 3 months after the completion of a successful Kickstarter Campaign.