what’s the fifth down?

Hi! I’m Grant.

I already know. A voice in your head is asking: What the heck is The Fifth Down?

Well, in short, it’s a memoir of my journey in, through, and out of the National Football League–the good, the bad, and the ugly with all the grease you won’t hear about on ESPN.

You see, I dreamed of playing in the National Football League. And after years of training, I did it. I climbed from the practice squads to the elusive 53-man rosters of the San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, and Tennessee Titans, taking the path of many unknowns before me and carving out a short lived career in the NFL.

It was awesome. Until I realized I wasn’t happy.

Then I retired (or the NFL grew tired of me). Either way, not so awesome.

In the years that followed my retirement, when The Fifth Down really began, I struggled to find purpose and meaning in my life. This book recounts my experiences in the NFL, the unforeseen challenges I faced (and ran from at times) when my football dreams came to an end, and how yoga led me back to a path of self-love. Fast-paced and unapologetically honest, The Fifth Down  is a fresh take on the NFL workweek and the reality that awaits most former players after the game ends.

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