just breathe
just breathe
by Grant Mattos




The Fifth Down : A Memoir


Why would you read a book about a guy and his football journey? Because The Fifth Down is about more than a guy and his football journey. This isn’t a book about sports. This is a book about conquering life. If you’ve ever dedicated your entire heart and soul into your greatest life passion, only to have your aspirations shattered, then this story is for you. This is a book for anyone who has taken risks to capture success, only to have it slowly ripped away.  For anyone who has stepped far beyond their zone of safety to explore their dreams. For those who have touched that sweet feeling of victory, if only for a moment. This is a memoir about the compelling amount of courage, that any one human can have, to keep moving forward in the face-off defeat.



Upcoming Release Fall 2018:

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A former NFL athletes descent into the brutal world of teaching yoga